The Family Material Coding System...
Your Key to Maintaining Consistent Design Themes Throughout your Job!

It’s easy to struggle when making a selection of so many different types of steel or aluminum forgings and components. But at King Metals, we’ve taken the guess work out of the equation and created steel and aluminum forging families that allow you to design and shop with consistent size, shape and material in mind.

All of our aluminum and steel forgings are categorized into their own specific family. This allows you to more easily combine like pieces to get the look you desire; this is unique in the market to Koenig Eisen Steel and Aluminum Forgings, available exclusively at King Metals.

Within families, you can be assured that metal texture and metal hammering match, metal collars and metal banding material match, and lastly metal scroll ends match (except where otherwise noted).

Take a look at the materials to the right. When you see one you like, just click on it and you’ll be guided to that family where you can see all of its components, from ornamental forged metal iron balusters to decorative metal iron panels to ornamental metal iron scrolls and décorative metal fittings. It’s quick and easy - and most importantly, consistency you can rely on!

Q Family A Family AA Family AT Family F Family FF Family FS Family AH Family G Family R Family 621 Family ZZ Family Z Family W Family B Family BB Family L Family LL Family K Family M Family P Family N Family O Family S Family Y Family J Family C Family CC Family CT Family H Family HH Family CH Family C3 Family T Family U3 Family U Family UT Family TRB Family KDRB Family QGB Family D Family DD Family D6 Family DT Family D4 Family DD4 Family DH Family D3 Family DR Family E Family EC Family ET Family E3 Family E4 Family V Family 029 Family VH Family 077 Family JJ Family 046 Family 047 Family